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1. All residents must benefit from the provisions of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms of dependent elderly people;

2. No one can be admitted to an institution without prior information and dialogue, and without their consent;

3. As for any adult citizen: the dignity, identity and privacy of the resident must be respected;

4. The resident has the right to express his choices and wishes;

5. The institution becomes the domicile of the resident. He must have a personal space there;

6. The institution is at the service of the resident. She strives to meet his needs and satisfy his desires;

7. The institution encourages the initiatives of the resident. It promotes individual activities and develops collective activities (interior or exterior) as part of a life project;

8. The institution must provide the most appropriate nursing and medical care for the resident's state of health. If it is necessary to provide care outside the establishment, the resident must be informed in advance;

9. The institution welcomes family, friends and volunteers, and involves them in its activities. This desire for openness must be materialized through meeting places, flexible visiting hours, hosting possibilities for a few days and periodic meetings with all those involved;

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10. After a temporary absence (hospitalization, vacation, etc.), the resident must find his place in the institution;

11. All residents must have personal resources. In particular, he may freely use the part of his income which remains available;

12. The right to speak is fundamental for residents.

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