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Traditionally, our residents settle with us in a sustainable way (people with Alzheimer's disease, parkinson ...). However, it is entirely possible to stay in our nursing homes for a few months, minimum 3 months.


Many circumstances can push families to opt for temporary reception


This is the choice that is made by some families, especially when it is not possible to keep the elderly at home for a fixed period. For example, an elderly person who has just undergone major surgery may need care for several months and will see his autonomy reduced during the time of convalescence. In a case like this, in order to facilitate the convalescence of the dependent elderly person, temporary reception at La belle Vie is judicious.


Short stays are also very interesting for people wishing to discover the living environment of La belle Vie in order to prepare for a permanent stay a few months later, “Trial” stays of 3 months for evaluation? This gives our residents the opportunity to settle in and adapt to weather conditions. It also gives us the opportunity to get to know and understand the individual needs and preferences of you or your loved one.


Admission procedure for a short stay


The admission procedure is identical to that of an admission based on the long term. First, you will need to complete a medical and administrative file. Then, a pre-admission interview will be organized under the supervision of the coordinating doctor. A stay contract will be put in place in order to specify the care arrangements and the reception period.

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Put your lives in good hands!

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