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Directeur general des soins

A member of the management team, he is responsible for the general coordination of care. Its mission is to design the care plan by integrating the establishment plan. He ensures compliance with regulations and medical prescriptions.

Medecin coordinateur

The coordinating doctor plays a role of the greatest importance in our nursing homes. He supervises the medical staff and ensures that the care is optimal. His role is therefore different from the attending physician. Indeed, the attending physician intervenes directly with the residents, he takes care of the medical follow-up and can propose to refer the patient to a specialist in the event of a medical problem.

Medecin geriatre

Our medical team includes geriatric doctors making it possible to prevent and better control the evolution of the state of health of our residents. They implement the treatments allowing our residents to live in the best possible conditions within our establishment while ensuring a coordinating role between the families and the different categories of caregivers.


Our psychologists are present every day to support our residents and their family circle in the stages they are going through. They contribute to the search for a new balance of life within the residence. Their role is to listen and support. They can, for example, help the resident to adapt to his new environment, or listen to his possible discomfort with aging and disability. He supports him whenever necessary. Stimulate and support: the psychologist assesses the resident's psychological capacities and sets up memory workshops, stimulation exercises, discussion groups, etc.


In our nursing homes, occupational therapists are present to improve the independence and autonomy of residents, but also to implement rehabilitation, rehabilitation, prevention, comfort and safety actions for residents.

Their role is to strengthen, stimulate participation in activities of daily living, support healthcare teams in taking charge of activities of daily living, improve, maintain motor patterns through ergo-motor reactivation techniques, ensure adjustments : technical aids, physical activity workshops.

Strengthening and stimulating the remaining cognitive capacities (Alzheimer's disease), developing compensation strategies during activities of daily living, are its main objectives.


Our physiotherapists work with residents for rehabilitation purposes, but also as a preventive measure (prevention of falls, muscle strengthening and education of precautions), with the aim of preventing the impairment of functional capacities, helping to maintain them and, when 'they are altered, to restore them or to replace them.

First, physiotherapists assess motor, sensory, sensory and cognitive abilities to measure the resident's degree of autonomy and performance.

Secondly, they determine the nature and assess the anatomical and functional deficiencies to establish a care program adapted to each person. They work with the prescribing medical team and the nursing team to coordinate care.


Our dietician brings her skills to set up adapted diets to cover the nutritional needs of residents through a balanced and enjoyable diet.

Its role is to ensure the establishment of menus adapted to the nutritional needs of the residents, to contribute to the variety and balance of the menus, in collaboration with the chef.


She coordinates the specific diets of residents, taking into account the underlying pathologies and specific needs.

It ensures that residents' eating habits are respected and detects undernutrition.



Our nurses provide preventive, curative or palliative care, aimed at maintaining or restoring the health of each resident. They ensure in particular the follow-up and the execution of the medical prescriptions of the attending physician and / or punctually of the coordinating physician.

their transversal missions are:

  • Collect clinical data, collate the needs and needs and expectations of the person;

  • Establishment of the care plan and activity planning;

  • Monitoring of changes in the health of residents;

  • Technical assistance during treatment performed by the doctor;

  • Information and education of the person and his entourage;

  • Drafting and updating of the resident's medical file.

Aide soignante

Our residence has nursing assistants, who are permanently present to provide support to residents through comfort care and assistance in daily life: all while maintaining the resident's autonomy as much as possible.


Their missions are:

  • Provide nursing care and routine care;

  • Maintenance of autonomy;

  • Ensure compliance with and implementation of the care plan;

  • Participate in drug deliveries;

  • Help residents when taking meals;

  • Prevent complications of decubitus;

  • Ensure adherence to medication.


Our hygienist ensures the absence of nosocomial transmission within the residences.

It implements a strict infectious risk prevention policy, isolation techniques, environmental controls and general hygiene in the establishment.


She applies the precise protocols of hospital standards.

It collects information and ensures compliance with these protocols by medical and paramedical teams and service agents.


He has under his control the general stock of drugs as well as the precise distribution necessary for each resident.


Our residents can access dental care easily. These treatments are provided by seasoned practitioners: either on site or at the dentist's office located less than 30 minutes away.

Private dental practices offer a level of quality comparable to that of Western dentists. The cost of their services represents about 50% of the costs practiced in Europe.


Our residences have specialized ophthalmologists. The practitioner can move or depending on the technical required, the residents will be accompanied in their practices located less than 30 minutes.

Private practices offer a level of quality comparable to that of Western ophthalmologists.

Personnel d'entretien

Bio-cleaning agents ensure that individual rooms and collective areas are perfectly clean and disinfected.

They remain under the control of the re infirmi è é hygiene nist and director g eneral care.

Hotesse de communication

Communication hostesses are involved in the translation for patients and nursing staff.

They obviously speak all the languages ​​of our residents

Animateurs specialises

These different stakeholders allow to punctuate the daily life of the residents.

Animators are present to bring joy to life. They choose suitable activities (painting workshop, memory quiz, board games, memory games, plastic art, cooking or gardening workshops, shows, etc ...

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