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We fully adhere to the manifesto of the ADEF association:


  • We are responsible for the physical and mental well-being of the Residents we welcome.


  • We are responsible to families for the quality of the welcome and support for the people who are dear to them.


  • Each of us contributes to the well-being of all employees.


  • Bientraitance is not for us an empty word or a slogan, but a permanent objective, a constant horizon, our reason for being and to exist professionally. It should never be taken for granted but requires an appropriate functioning of the company and its actors.


  • For this, we are committed to offering all the conditions and all the necessary means and tools: a solid and fair organization, a valuation of professional autonomy and multidisciplinary work as well as modern and innovative methods.


  • We do not ignore the difficulties inherent in situations of great dependence, but categorically refuse to infantilize the Residents. They should participate as much as possible in decisions large and small that affect them. Rather than simply displaying a purely formal respect for their humanity, it is a matter of giving full and complete attention to their explicit and implicit preferences, and of seeing them at all times as worthy persons.  

  • We are therefore committed to making each Establishment a real place to live and to promote the maintenance of social ties.


  • In order to create this atmosphere conducive to "Bientraitance", the well-being of employees, who are not only support professionals or support functions, is fundamental. Their merits must be fully recognized and they must be encouraged to express themselves freely, without fear of being judged or censored. Teamwork is only effective if everyone feels respected by others and by their management. To promote dialogue, we have established the conditions for healthy internal communication.

  • Far from forced consensus, the confrontation of opinions is necessary for the smooth running of the Association, without ever deviating from our values.


  • This open-mindedness also makes it possible to constantly improve the quality of support since it questions practices and integrates new knowledge in matters of old age and disability.


  • Ethical reflection, as a capacity for change and innovation, is essential. This is why we have implemented an ethical approach to which each family member or employee can contribute and which aims to shed light on the dilemmas that arise in the Association, without claiming to provide ready-made solutions. By thus inviting all the actors to a constructive questioning, it is a question of giving again meaning to a difficult and repetitive activity, which always runs the risk of becoming mechanical and impersonal.


In short, each of us is committed to taking part in multidisciplinary teamwork, to refrain from any personal judgment, to accept difference and to rise to what we share in common and which constitutes our reason for doing so. 'to exist.

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Put your lives in good hands!

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