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Management of infectious risks in our residences

Three factors allow us to differentiate ourselves and best protect our residents


  1. Our internal organization

  2. Our health protocols

  3. Our partnership with the International Hospital of Phuket SIRIROJ








As soon as one of our residents has any symptom, he is immediately taken care of by the SIRIROJ International Hospital in Phuket (BDMS Group) accredited JCI and CFE




No sorting criteria between patients ... No refusal of hospitalization even in the case of suspicion of a serious COVID 19 type infection, age limit or GIR 1,2,3


The Phuket International Hospital (SIRIROJ) provides all residents of our residences with the necessary number of beds, resuscitation room, respirators, etc.


Our internal organization


Thanks to a much higher resident caregiver ratio than in France, a caregiver per resident 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a coordinating doctor permanently in our nursing homes, as well as a hygienist, we can apply a strict health protection strategy for our residents


The Thai climate is also an important factor for the health protection of our residents. Warm temperatures throughout the year allow our residents to live in airy rooms and be able to go out all year round instead of being permanently confined to cramped rooms, hallways and crowded common rooms.


Our health protocols


We are implementing an anticipation and prevention approach to infectious risks


  • Frontal temperature taken three times a day for residents and staff;

  • Almost daily consultation with the coordinating doctor;

  • Standard protocols for all caregivers and residents

    • Single bedroom

    • Professionnal clothing

    • Ozone disinfection

    • Area management

    • Linen and waste management

    • Personal hygiene

    • Daily bio cleaning of rooms

    • Material hygiene

    • Hygiene of premises

    • Caregiver hygiene

    • Hygiene and visitor control

    • Monthly control of water and air conditioning circuits

    • Wearing single use gloves (1 pair = 1 gesture = 1 resident)

    • Wearing single-use mask or protective visors

    • Permanent use of hydro alcoholic gel

    • Vaccination (residents and caregivers)

    • Right use of antibiotics

    • Management of the proper use of medication by the internal pharmacist


  • Immediate reactivity to the first symptom of a resident (identification and alert)

    • Immediate installation of a negative pressure device

    • Serological test to confirm the diagnosis

    • Virological test

    • Hospitalization if confirmed


  • In the event of possible future epidemics, we implement several actions:

    • Keep the nursing staff in our residences in rooms made available to them.

    • We suspend visits and postpone admissions;

    • We are strengthening hygiene measures

    • We close the hotel section to visitors

    • We maintain all activity programs as well as all treatments

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Put your lives in good hands!

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