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CBD and Alzheimer's disease

Generally affecting the elderly, Alzheimer's disease is a neurodegenerative disease which results in a more or less mild cognitive deficit. Alzheimer's disease follows an accumulation of the protein β-amiloide (Aβ, which alters neurotransmitters and causes inflammation in certain areas of the brain. The most common symptoms are memory loss and deterioration of cognitive and motor skills.


CBD attenuates the hyperactivation of excitatory neurotransmitters and fights against the death of neurons. Research conducted by the Salk Institute has notably demonstrated that cannabidiol fights against the appearance of these amyloid plaques, called senile plaques which characterize Alzheimer's.

A publication in the Aging and Mechanisms of Disease of the journal Nature has, moreover, highlighted the action of cannabis cleanser on an accumulation of the beta-amyloid peptide, the main responsible for the degeneration of neurons.


In addition to reducing the appearance of these senile plaques, CBD eliminates inflammation of the nerve cells. Coming from immune cells of the brain called microglial cells, the inflammatory responses specific to Alzheimer's disease are, in fact, eliminated by CBD with anti-inflammatory properties. An in vitro study led by Pr David Schubert even demonstrated that CBD helps neurons to renew themselves and fight against the death of nerve cells.


Not only is the damage associated with Alzheimer's disease eliminated, but Cannabidiol also acts on the endocannabinoid system in the brain. In addition to its neuroprotective properties to reduce the degeneration of nerve cells, CBD acts on the brain receptors responsible for sensations such as pain, euphoria, anxiety, or even stress. Patients then regain a zest for life, often absent among Alzheimer's victims.

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