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We take care of patients who have become dependent due to a degenerative pathology. Our qualified staff is specially trained to support these patients and improve their quality of life.


We have a 24-hour operational medical and paramedical team, made up of specialists such as: gerontologists, neuropsychologists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists.


We are also in direct contact with specialists who can intervene very quickly such as, neurologist, cardiologist, ophthalmologist, dentist, etc.





Finally, in the event of a serious problem requiring hospitalization, we have signed agreements with international hospitals in order to provide priority and rapid treatment to our residents.


Every day, the nursing home staff make every effort to meet the needs of our residents having a large and experienced staff guarantees the quality of care unparalleled in Europe.

The healthcare team takes care of the residents' daily medical care: distribution of drugs, dressing, rehabilitation, comfort care, hygiene, etc ...

Within our nursing homes, a resident will be accompanied by at least one caregiver which allows care actions to be carried out without timing, unlike what can be seen elsewhere, in addition, each resident is treated with humanity and empathy, our caregivers are recruited and trained to ensure that each person feels good and can benefit from attentive listening.

Daily care (dressings, blood sugar measurement, distribution of medication, etc.) is carried out by the healthcare team. The coordinating doctor and his team also take care of the coordination of the interventions of the treating doctor (who is not the coordinating doctor) as well as the appointments with the specialists.

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Put your lives in good hands!

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