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From € 2,500 per month depending on the category of residence (three or five stars).

Knowing that our services are already magnified by the heavenly site and the quality of care, these rates are impossible in Europe for the same medical service, and the same professionalism.

You get MORE for CHEAP.

For 75 residents:

48 people available for the accommodation and catering part


83 caregivers available for the medical part


whose :

A full-time coordinating doctor

A full-time geriatrician

An "on call" doctor sleeping in the residence

Nurses and nursing assistants 24/24/7/7

131 guardian angels, a unique ratio.


Our pricing includes:


  • Hotel service

  • Catering: breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner

  • Refreshments: fresh fruit juice during the day

  • Hairdressing service: cut / shampoo / brushing per month

  • One non-therapeutic massage per month

  • Non-therapeutic activities: music therapy, art therapy, aromatherapy, therapeutic garden

  • A return ticket depending on the length of the resident's stay.

Depending on their degree of dependence, our residents are always accompanied by a caregiver which allows, on the one hand, to carry out care actions without timing and on the other hand, to limit the risks.

Our pricing does not include:

  • Medical care generally covered 100% by health insurance and mutual insurance

  • Hairdressing service: outside the monthly offer

  • Manicure / pedicure treatments

  • Private services: birthdays, family celebrations, etc ...


For suites and villas with private pool:






We also offer "packages" for families which include plane tickets.








Put your lives in good hands!

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