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Non-drug therapies (TNM) are a set of care techniques, environmental approaches, human approaches. Their objectives are the treatment and/or relief of certain symptoms and the improvement of the quality of life, the search for a state of well-being, the prevention of iatrogenic.


These therapies accompany daily care and are practiced on all services by the multidisciplinary team and by professionals such as art therapists, sophrologists, Poupontherapists, music therapists, or any other specifically trained practitioner.

This practice is done in collaboration with the medical profession with the desire to enhance and professionalize this approach to care.

The La Belle Vie residences are developing a range of first-line Non-Drug Therapies to provide a complementary and/or substitute solution to drugs according to the recommendations of international medical authorities.





In order to offer our residents a high-quality service, our partner, the SlowCare® association, specializing in Non-Medication Therapies, intends to coordinate the training of our teams in communication methods adapted to our specific audience and to put in place all the therapeutic activities in a personalized way or in a group workshop.

SlowCare® is an activist movement to take care differently.

Their motto "Take the time to take care"

Founded in 2018 by Béatrice Dussaud, Nurse in gerontology research, specializing in non-drug therapies for the elderly. Member of ARSI (Nursing Research Association) and of the CEPS research platform and member of the French collective of Femme de Santé.

Béatrice has more than 25 years of experience and research in complementary therapies. (plantar reflexology, healing your inner child, sylvotherapy, Doll therapy, occupational therapies ...), as well as several years of experience in a protected care unit for people with Alzheimer's disease and related syndromes.

The Slow movement, initiated in the 1980s in Italy by the Slow Food association, invites, in particular, to slow down the race for excessive yield and advocates quality rather than quantity. It is now found in all areas of life, slow travel, slow cities, slow journalism, slow life etc… and slow medicine.

SlowCare® is the slow channel for paramedical professions, therapists, family caregivers, structures, and all those who take care in general, from conception to the end of human life and their environment.

Our quality of helping relationship and our ethical reflection in our care meets the selection criteria for adherence to SlowCare® values, La Belle Vie is honored to have been selected and to be part of the Residences network adhering to SlowCare values ®.

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Put your lives in good hands!

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