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By placing innovation at the heart of our practices, we demonstrate that it is possible to build a solid organization, capable of sustaining an economic activity while having a strong social impact that consists in helping patients to live happily. , worthy, and extra-ordinary ...

Demonstrate that performance is in the service of the general interest.


Our nursing homes were not built to be EHPADs but high-level tourist residences classified 4 and 5 stars (European standards). This architecture allows us to offer spacious (minimum 45 m2) and bright rooms, each with an independent bathroom, a flat shower, a balcony opening onto magnificent views, gardens, swimming pools, lagoon, sea. … Superbly equipped, located in residential and quiet areas.

Mieux manger

"Eat better" is a basic human need.

Food is at the heart of many issues within our organization, such as our environmental impact and our anchoring in Phuket.

We are therefore committed to the theme of "eating better" which is materialized in particular by the development of organic and local supplies, the fight against food waste, the development of educational and productive projects (educational gardens, integrated vegetable production, as well as the adaptation of menus by our dietician.


In our nursing homes, a resident is accompanied by at least one caregiver, which allows care actions to be carried out without delay. Each resident is treated with humanity and empathy. Our caregivers are recruited and trained so that each person feels good and can benefit from attentive listening, and share this precious time.

Empathetic understanding is fundamental for those recovering from illness or suffering from a disability, our residents need to feel understood.

This notion, beyond comfort and professionalism, requires a natural ability to feel.

In order for trust, respect and mutual affection to develop, the caregiver enables, motivates and encourages independence. Once established, contentment as well as quality of life increase in a sustainable way the synergy between residents and their care teams.

Every day, La Belle Vie brings more to everyone.


We are totally independent. This makes it possible without constraint to apply the best solutions and effective protocols both in terms of accommodation and medical services.

We are not under any supervision of the state, of French groups listed on the stock exchange, of a foundation, of a mutual, or of a pension fund.


We are putting in place all the necessary means so that families are reassured and that their parents rediscover "the joy of living". Thanks to the kindness, benevolence, and competence of the Thai people.

Our residences will never be like those soulless places operating in this atmosphere that we all dread.

As Jacques Brel sang

From the bed to the window, then from the bed to the armchair. And then from bed to bed ”.

We offer our residents, in the form of workshops, non-drug therapies that improve the quality of life and relieve their stress: Movement therapy, art therapy, music therapy, balneotherapy, aromatherapy, pet therapy .


In addition to this therapeutic panel, we also offer our residents activities in accordance with their past, their individual experience and their new life.

For example, we offer a retired farmer to participate in the work of our organic vegetable garden, an engineer to participate in the development of one of our projects, a former teacher to give French lessons to young orphans. Thai, to a former English teacher to give lessons over the internet.


Respect is an integral part of Thai culture.

More so, respect and appreciation for the elderly are values ​​dear to Thai culture. These values, thus quoted, are not the result of an inculcated formation, but the application of a way of being and of existing in society.

Live together...

In an innate way, our teams support our residents with respect and dignity, with warmth and understanding.


In order to meet the specific needs of our residents, we put in place all the means to maintain personalized services.

Each resident can have perfect medical follow-up to age well. A menu adapted to his tastes and his state of health.

By choosing "La Belle Vie" it is opting for "The solution" which constantly adapts to the needs of the resident and his family. You will never be a computerized "medical record" without humanity.

Egalite des droits

We are a secular organization, not emanating from any religious or political movement. We refuse any form of discrimination: Ethnic or social origins, language, religion, political opinions, sexual orientation, wealth, birth, disability, age.


We intend to promote freedom of access to worship, as long as it does not undermine the proper functioning of our organization, and that it does not drift towards a sectarian practice.

At the request of our residents, we offer "Halal" and "Kosher" menus


The residences "La Belle Vie" are comparable to family homes. The nursing staff are attentive and constantly communicate with the patients. As distance can be an obstacle, we have equipped all of our residences with computer tablets. The families of the residents have the opportunity to communicate free of charge and visually with their loved ones at any time.

Thanks to the “ContactMED” application available on smartphone, tablet and computer, the residents 'relatives can follow the progress of their parents' day in real-time as well as vital signs updates (temperature, blood pressure, weight, blood sugar, etc.), also care, events and food monitoring. On this secure interface, families can also view photos and videos taken during the activities.

We do everything we can to ensure that families are in contact with residents. We encourage frequent visits through our advantages:


Depending on the length of stays, plane tickets offered to residents as well as preferential rates during their parents' stays.

Put your lives in good hands!

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