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We cooperate with Voyage Aptitude Senior, a unique prevention site dedicated to seniors and all travelers with disabilities, edited by Doctor Ghislain Haicault de la Regontais, certainly one of the few doctors who has published in a scientific journal NPG on the travel and Alzheimer's disease theme








The free self-assessment questionnaire, available on each page of the Voyage Aptitude Senior website, seeks to detect various often chronic pathologies that may be the cause of a medical incident in flight or while traveling.

At the end of your prevention journey, backed by the advice and explanations collected on the site and from your attending physician, you will be able to travel with peace of mind, with peace of mind.


We thank you to note that Voyage Aptitude Senior does not replace the medical advice given by an attending physician and in accordance with the report "practicing medicine on the net" written by the National Council of the Order of Physicians in June 2000, Doctor Ghislain Haicault de la Regontais does not provide medical consultations via the internet.





However, teleconsultation is authorized. You can take advantage of this tool to discuss your aptitude according to the answers given on the self-assessment questionnaire.

You can register on the consulib site for a teleconsultation and thus obtain a detailed opinion on any alerts raised by your responses.

After studying your answers to the self-assessment questionnaire, the programmed teleconsultation will allow you to exchange directly with Doctor Ghislain Haicault of the Regontais.

The cost of the teleconsultation is 100 euros corresponding to the time required to study the responses and the teleconsultation time.

The expertise given is based on the skills of Doctor Ghislain Haicault de la Regontais in the aeronautical field after 20 years of activity as a carrier doctor for travel insurance. His specializations in general medicine, emergency medicine, geriatrics and aeronautical medicine in his practice and at the hospital reinforce his experience in this field.


For each resident with a long-term contract and being up to date with their payments, we offer return tickets, in order to encourage families or loved ones to come and visit the resident.

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Put your lives in good hands!

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